Beneficiary Engagement Committee


RGV ACO’s Beneficiary Engagement Committee (BEC) coordinates with the RGV ACO Board of Managers to develop a successful accountable care organization. Each participant of RGV ACO selects the BEC member they want as a representative. 

The current BEC is led by Board Manager and Medicare Beneficiary, Mr. Jose Soto.

BEC Goals and Responsibilities

The BEC Members meet continually to fulfill and accomplish the following committee goals and responsibilities:

1. Observe and identify needs and concerns of the ACO beneficiary population.
2. Promote patient empowerment and involvement in their health care issues.
3. Promote communication between patients and their health care providers.
4. Advocate on behalf of the beneficiaries of RGV ACO.
5. Identify community stakeholders for purposes of building outreach strategies for RGV ACO.
6. Recommend ideas for the development of health education materials.