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Since 2012, our physian-owned ACO has been a pioneer in the delivery of value-based medicine and exceptional high-quality patient-centered care throughout South Texas. RGV ACO Health Providers, LLC (RGV ACO) is committed to achieving the Quadruple Aim efforts by enhancing patient outcome, improving the patient experience, diminishing unnecessary healthcare expenditures, and improving the care team. We support primary care providers with extensive value-based healthcare expertise that is supported by a team of professionals focused on improving patient outcomes while expanding revenue opportunities and promoting health equity. Our primary care physicians’ collaboration sets us apart from hospital-owned ACOs as we engage in high-touch clinical approaches, always maintaining the focus on the Quadruple Aim and what is relevant to their individual practice.

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Participating in RGV ACO has giving me the opportunity to be part of a group of doctors that implement, transform, and lead new cutting-edge systems of health care delivery. The ultimate goal of our organization is to deliver high quality value-based medicine. Through our great success over the years, our strength has been to motivate other doctors and their clinics to change their mindsets, by giving back to our community and Medicare beneficiaries better access to health care with an excellent and different health care model.

– Alejandro Arizmendi, MD
RGV ACO Board Member
RGV ACO San Antonio Medical Director

As the Beneficiary on the RGV ACO Board of Managers, I am afforded the opportunity to impact the direction of the organization. The mission of the RGV ACO is, “To partner with our patients to achieve exceptional healthcare outcomes”, and it has been a gratifying experience to work side by side with a group of leaders that apply the mission with such passion.

– Jose Soto
RGV ACO Board of Managers Beneficiary Representative
RGV ACO Beneficiary Engagement Committee Chairperson

“My 11 years with RGV ACO has profoundly transformed the lives of my patients, my employees, and myself. The shift from a fee-for-service paradigm to a value-based medicine environment has empowered us to provide significantly superior care in a more cost-effective manner.

One evident impact of this transition has been a decline of heart attacks, strokes and renal failures, among our large diabetic patient papulation. The financial benefits accompanying this model have also enable us to expand our staff by hiring additional personnel, including scribes. This has enhanced the quality of life for our providers by easing their workload.

Our home visit program has furthered our commitment to promoting health equity by delivering care to those who need it most, right in their homes. All of these improvements are making a profound impact on healthcare provision in the Rio Grande Valley. Under the guidance of RGV ACO, we are truly making a difference in the community.”

– Jose F. Peña, MD, FACP, CHCQM, CRC
RGV ACO Chairman of the board

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    Find easy to use and exclusively designed software that will support your practice to deliver better quality care.

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    You are not alone, RGV ACO provides resources to help you focus on what is important, valuable patient-centered care.

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Discover RGV ACO’s exclusively designed software and workflow tools that offer analytics enabling your clinic to implement strategies that drive high-quality care.

Our tools facilitate access to key quality indicators that will:

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As primary care clinics are tasked to do more with less, RGV ACO supports your practice and allows you to focus on what matters most, patient care.

Through collaboration across providers, community resources, and healthcare systems RVG ACO supports the delivery of coordinated care by:

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By partnering with RGV ACO, providers have access to innovative advanced payment mechanisms designed to support population health management, investments in technology and improvement in care delivery.

RGV ACO offers competitive value-based compensation that supports high-quality, cost-effective care, increased patient access and outcomes. Discover Financial Improvement through:

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